SOCHI, Russia- Taking a win for the first time since the Hungarian Grand Prix which was only three races ago, a patronizing Lewis Hamilton had the nerve to say out loud that me might never win again. “All thanks to the team this weekend, this whole stretch was so tough on everyone, and I was worried we would never win again after going three races without a victory. There are 1500 people that work to make winning possible and thinking about that never happening again was keeping me up at night,” said Hamilton, who seemed to believe his own nonsense or was choosing to assume everyone else is an idiot. “All we can do now is keep our heads down and hope that we are competitive again going into the last handful of races even though Japan and Austin are where I usually out perform everyone.”

Hamilton cut his remarks short so that Toto Wolff could do that thing where he claims Mercedes are really far behind their rivals while everyone else in the world who is not Toto Wolff or Lewis Hamilton rolls their eyes.