BRASELTON, Georgia- Following weeks of not irrationally hating himself and looking for an outlet that gets him back to a mental state where he would prefer crawling into a hole and being forgotten, local man Brian Dorset decided attending Petit Le Mans specifically for the LMP2 class is just what he needed. “I have had a rough couple weeks where my thoughts did not turn against me, and the best times I have is wishing escape from the real world into some sort of void where darkness is all around you. Then it dawned on me that going to Petit just for P2 cars and faking how much I enjoy being there in front of people I do not know should do the trick. There are only two cars which is so awful that I can not wait,” said Dorset, pleased that his wife had already left him meaning he could just go without being told he should have a good time. “If I am putting in the effort of attending a race just for the class no one else cares for and mocks, the extra effort of then going out of my way and talking about it with strangers then I don’t need someone ruining that for me. I even plan on learning the drivers names and really pouring it on. What a terrible time I have planned.”

To make matters worse for himself Dorset planned on not packing appropriately for the inevitable rain and flooding.