SPEEDWAY, Indianapolis- Conceding that the internet experts who have been predicting the demise of IMS since the CART/IRL split of 1996 were finally correct, Doug Boles spoke during the groundbreaking for a brand new strip mall that will house a couple vape shops and a 7-Eleven where E Stand is presently located. “This is a big day for IMS and the Hulman-George family who finally admitted IMS is no longer viable and thanks every person that is still bitter about something that happened 23 years ago for predicting that IMS will one day be razed and turned into a strip mall,” said Boles, who traded his signature blue suit and tie combination for a green one emblazoned with the 7-Eleven logo. “This project was always inevitable, but we held out as long as possible. IMS has been a part of Indiana and racing since 1909, but there comes a time when a business needs to look in the mirror and admit a couple dozen people on some forums were correct in saying IMS was losing tens of millions of dollars a year and would be strip mall before too long.”

When asked what about his future with Hulman and Company, Boles said there have been no discussions yet but hoped he wold be given the opportunity to manage the 7-Eleven or the gas station being planned for the NW Vista.