SINGAPORE- Putting to rest rumors about signing Nico Hülkenberg for 2020, Haas F1 has confirmed their current lineup of Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean will go unchanged into next year. Asked what the hell could possibly be the reasoning for keeping Grosjean, Gene Haas said the decision all came down to a request from Netflix. “The Formula 1: Drive to Survive series was a big hit for Netflix, gave F1 a much needed boost in exposure, and let everyone see what a complete ass Romain is which was a big part of the attraction.  Netflix wanted more of that,” explained Haas, who added that he has final say on what drivers are hired but also loves a train wreck. “There were better options out there, I am not denying that, but when you watch a couple episodes, you suddenly realize you want more of Romain doing really asinine stuff then screaming about everyone else. Netflix asked me personally to take into consideration how boring season two of their series could be without Romain, and I agreed that he is needed more now than ever.”

A disappointed Hülkenberg said that even though he lost out on the Haas opportunity he will still be known as the guy who has the most F1 starts with no podium finishes.