SIOUX CITY, Iowa- Triggered by the fact that no one in his run group had ever even traveled to Germany, Social Justice Warrior Jake Insfield rushed home after after his final track session and started #noburgring on Twitter to expose a couple other guys who had applied Nurgurbring stickers to their cars. “The sickening privilege of these two guys that are misappropriating the experiences of those that have traveled and visited the Nurburbring needs to be stopped now #noburgring,” tweeted Insfield, who then posted photos of the two guys as well as their home addresses and cell phone numbers he stole from an entry list. “If you want to put stickers of the tracks that you have visited, then that is fine but acting like you actually went overseas and visited such a legendary track is a bridge too far and must be called out.”

Seeing that at least a couple people on Twitter had sent death threat’s to one of the other guy’s kids, Insfield felt satisfied his movement was going to do some real good and quell this offensive trend.