INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana- Waiting for his flight to California ahead of the 2019 NTT Data IndyCar Series finale, Scott Dixon says he is still confident he can overcome his point deficit to Josef Newdarden and take his sixth title ruining the entire season for fans. Being 85 points adrift of Newgarden, is not to much to make up says the guy who just will not go away. “This season has not been to kind to us, and I have left points out there on track that are needed now more than ever. The one that immediately springs to mind is my crash with Colton at Texas, but I don’t see why that will handicap me all that much this weekend,” explained Dixon, who was reading a chart of all possible outcomes based on finishing positions he needs to memorize that will have fans on edge for the entire race. “I still feel great about going out there Sunday and putting in the performance needed to disappoint an entire fan base that would like anyone other than Scott Dixon hoisting up the Astor Cup on the podium.  And it would be great if everyone thinks back to what happened at Sonoma in 2015 just in case they are hopeful that I can not possibly win this thing on Sunday. That’s what I’m here for, man.”

While confident in his abilities, Dixon added he will have all new excuses ready about how race control took the win away by not penalizing drivers in a way that would benefit Scott Dixon.