MONTERREY, California- Struggling to keep up with medical bills for her chemotherapy treatment that she hopes will keep her alive long enough to see her daughter graduate high school, IMSA technical inspection team member Cindy Barber now acknowledges no one in the IMSA paddock cares enough about her to start a GoFundMe campaign. “Most people in the paddock know me, and I would even consider a lot of them close friends, but now I have to face the reality that no one really cares about me and my fight with advanced melanoma,” said Barber, who was going through her ever growing pile of collection notices that she is not sure she will be able to meet the minimums on. “I am completely aware of the fact that not many people know me, but there was not even a hashtag or sticker about my diagnosis. That was the cruelest stroke.”¬†

A source in the paddock added that Barber is not being ignored but that stickers acknowledging her illness probably would not sell all that well anyway.