Journalism in 2019 is trash.  CNN, Washington Post, NPR, Fox News, etc etc.  All trash.  The journalists and editors now survive on Basic Betty articles that are not news or relevant to the day to day, or anything for that matter, and settle on pushing out article after article of pure crap.  Instead of taking an approach like you see at The Athletic where proper news is mixed with fair, special interest pieces, 99% of sites just go for the easy clicks and pump out irrelevant content every five minutes “because google ads forces them to“.

This is especially prevalent in automotive and motorsport “journalism”.  Instead of giving the readers of their niche site solid news, 95% of content you find on Racer, S365, Motorsport, Autoweek, Donut Media and whatever else is out there is simply clickbait.  Nobody gives a shit where Robin Miller was when he saw his first Formula Ford car.  Nobody needs to read three different articles from Motorsport on how F’d up F1’s Monza Qualifying 3 was. Nobody wants to read that the head of Rebellion Racing thinks an LMP2 car could beat the LMP1 cars because of his assumptions about success handicap.  Nobody has heard of Ted Smith and do not care he finished 6th in his Trans Am SGT class two weeks after the race actually ended.  Nobody cares what a driver thinks of BoP – spoiler: all drivers think BoP is against their car, even when winning.  Don’t even get The Lugg Nutt started on media stooges taking credit for news they didn’t break or outright stealing content from other sources and claiming it as their own.

This shit ain’t news or even interesting in the slightest.  These articles are designed just to put some content out there, and the sites/editors do not care what that content is – they have no standards – they just want to hit the Publish button 20+ times that day when their rival site only hit it 19 times that day while making sure they were the first ones to publish said trash.

In 2019 you’re better off going directly to the race series press releases to get news and quality content, albeit with fluff, instead of having to flounder through daily plugs for 15 different podcasts from the same guy, opinion pieces on how racing was better 40 years ago, or shitty videos on some ‘SICK neon green Porsche GT3 we’re giving away to our fans!”

Stop publishing just to publish and start giving readers what they are actually looking for: accurate, fair, relevant information.