SACRAMENTO, California- Reading his mail after a quick trip to the mailbox, area man Leonard Flowers suddenly realized his error upon opening an envelope from WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca that contained a ticket to this weekend’s IMSA race and not the IndyCar finale a week later. “Damn it,” exclaimed Flowers as he quickly read through the disclaimers and policies written on the back of the ticket seeing if there was a way he could ask for an exchange. “The back of the ticket says there are no refunds or exchanges, but how serious can they be? There is no way I am the only one who made this mistake, right? Both series start with the same letter and really less than a week apart when you consider practice sessions. I suppose I could make some sort of excuse about my kid being terminally ill or my wife going missing, and I can’t make it this weekend. They cannot be so heartless as to not care about those things, because this really sucks.”

As a desperate measure, Flowers added he might consider just showing up for the IndyCar finale with his IMSA ticket claiming he did not know any better and just asking for the kid scanning tickets to do him a solid.