MONZA, Italy- Pausing to assess what she had witnessed during the final F1 qualifying session on Saturday, F1 fan Terri Emms was less than impressed. “Under any other circumstances that could have been a great show. The clock is counting down, and the best drivers in the world have one last chance to get pole at one of the most famous tracks in the world. Instead they all putter around doing nothing and look like idiots. That was f*&$ing stupid,” said Emms, noting that she had attended the 2005 USGP and knows what stupid looks like. “It was really refreshing to see Vettel and Hamilton acting like Stroll and Hulkenberg were threats, and any idiot would have felt the same. I literally laughed out loud when the commentators acted like Sainz had a chance.”

Emms was confident that by Singapore F1 officials will find a way to make things worse while ignoring obvious solutions.