BRASELTON, Georgia- Exhibiting no sense of shame for winning his class in which he is the only competitor, SCCA racer Jeremy Ashby still felt the need to have his photo taken on the top step of the podium. “So what?” said Ashby, who hoisted his first place trophy over his head before telling his wife to take at least two photos should one be out of focus. “A win is a win. I went out there just like everyone else and kept it on track for 25 minutes, and if you don’t like it, then that’s on you. Go out there and run in a class with a dozen cars knowing you might not be where I am right now, because I don’t really care, and this trophy means the same to everyone no matter what. We are all racers putting it all on the line every time we take the green flag. Suck it.

At press time, Ashby told his wife to ignore people sarcastically asking him why he did not include spraying champagne during the ceremony.