PORTLAND, Oregon- Wearing a denim jacket and knockoff Oakleys, a wide eyed Ryan Hunter-Reay gave thanks to Larry Enticer for guiding his decision to slam into the side of Jack Harvey during the Grand Prix of Portland. “First, I want to apologize to Jack for what happened, because he was running a great race. Second, I want to thank the architect, Larry Enticer, for speaking to me in a vision and telling me to send it into the side of Jack,” said Hunter-Reay, who felt that he had been chosen by divinity to be the vessel that spreads the word of Enticer. “It was not until Rossi was near me that I realized this is the moment I had been preparing for and just decided to send it. All praise goes to Larry.”

Upon hearing of Hunter-Reay’s excuse for causing an accident, Marco Andretti claimed he has also been sending it since 2007.