RENO, Nevada- Waking up to the news that Brabham Automotive will finally debut the BT26 under race conditions in November’s Britcar ‘Into the Night’ race, Indiegogo donor Nicole Harris was disappointed she will not be receiving more Brabham branded stationery. “It was really cool to be a founding member of the Brabham Indiegogo campaign when it kicked off in 2014, and the $4000 I gave got me exclusive access to a forum, a newsletter, a thank you letter, and some really nice stationery which is all I really wanted more of,” Harris said as she searched a kitchen drawer looking for a generic spiral notebook she will now have to use. “The forum stopped updating in 2016, the newsletter was just stories about David having secret meetings with people he could not tell us about, I lost the thank you letter, but the stationery really made you feel like you were a part of something special.” Noting that the $4000 put her into debt for two years, Harris added that the stationery also doubled as napkins that ended up saving her at least $12 during that time.