BOISE, Idaho- Wishing he could go back in time and tell his past self not to become so emotionally involved with the WEC, racing fan Greg Carlin is dreading having to defend his once favorite series for yet another season. Using the time after Le Mans to put off thinking about the task before him, Carlin knows he now has to now face his fears. “Looking back it was a smart move on my part. You had a decent LMP1 class, the schedule ran on a normal calendar year, and there was the feeling of superiority over most other racing fans, but now I can not think of a single thing that can be seen as a positive,” said Carlin while looking wistfully at a 2014 Le Mans poster. “Last year I really went all in on the hypercar thing and telling people how great it will be. I even went so far as to convince naysayers that the ACO was really trying to give the LMP1 privateer teams a chance against Toyota, but now I realize I should have just stopped. This whole thing is going to be a slog, and I am not sure I have the will power to see it through. Things have gotten so desperate that new liveries are being touted as some huge revelation. Someone kill me now.”

Carlin admitted he could stick with the hypercar theme, but if that does not come to fruition, he fears never being able to get out of this vicious cycle.