MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota- Trying to make sense of why such a rare piece of American open wheel racing memorabilia had still not met the minimum reserve after three months of being put up for sale, Indy Racing League enthusiast Rick Piro tried to make sense of how this happened. “Anyone who has been a long time fan of racing in this country knows the name Greg Ray which makes this all the more perplexing. When I decided to sell this shirt, there was no doubt in my mind that it would not be sold after a month or two. There was a Vitor Meira hat that sold in three days. How do you explain that?” said a frustrated Piro, who was going to be forced to lower his expectations and just take what he can get at this point. “There were seven bids in the first week, and the last one just came up short of what I wanted. I sent a message to the bidder asking if he would just meet me halfway, but that person said he only bid due to being drunk one night and thinking a Greg Ray shirt would be fun to wear ironically at the next race he attended. This is really giving me second thoughts about offering that Richie Hearn driver suit that is hanging in my closet.

Piro added he really needed to get some of this stuff sold so his wife will stop bitching about how much space it is taking up in their bedroom closet.