MADISON, Illinois- Tailgating with friends and family before the Bommarito Automotive Group 500 presented by Axalta and Valvoline, local man Aaron Morris took a break from playing beer pong to ponder what the famous explorers must have thought upon seeing the surrounding landfills before starting their famous expedition that ended at the Pacific Ocean. “We all know they spent the winter in this area so there is no way they did not come across the surrounding landscape made up of landfills. Did they think they were part of Cahokia or possibly another ancient site of an advanced civilization lost to time?” wondered Morris, who was filling up a plate with ranch dip and a handful of pretzels. “Lewis was chosen specifically for his love of natural history and Native American culture which makes you think he would have wanted to know why the landfills existed or who might have formed them. Did Clark use the stars to figure out a pattern and discern their meaning and did he come up with anything? In my mind both Lewis and Clark would have considered them just as impressive as anything they would have seen in the areas around what is now Yellowstone.”

Later in the evening Morris considered the possibility the landfills were created by aliens and Lewis just forgot to mention this in his diary.