SEATTLE, Washington- Blaming the newspaper for having a pro-Tony George bias, CART Fans 4Ever Facebook page member Mark Aston slammed the New York Times claiming their 25/8 project is nothing but IRL propaganda. “The liberals running that paper have never had any credibility so it is no surprise that they would run this series of articles that only tells one side of the story when it comes to the 1996 Indy 500,” said Aston, who was surrounded by U.S. 500 posters and various memorabilia. “The New York Times has decided to whitewash the history of 1996 and claim that 25/8 was a righteous cause meant to push back on the CART cartel, but why was no one from CART given a voice on the matter? The whole thing reeks of Hulman involvement, and I will not be silenced. FTG!”

Aston added that he has kept this nonsense up for two decades and has no plans to stop which is really unfortunate.