TOPKEA, Kansas – Local Man Tom Galey, a frequent browser and contributor on the Facebook group “Sim Racing Aficionados” recently asked for advice on which Direct Drive wheel to buy as he “upgrades his rig”.  Galey, who tends to sit alone in the dark, was thankful that over 100 other people chimed in with their opinions about the Fanatec Direct Drive wheel, Thrustmaster Direct Drive DD1000k, or how Direct Drive wheels are a waste of money.  “I welcome all opinions and getting over 100 different opinions on something like a sim racing gear purchase really makes me thankful for my online-friends“, said Galey, “I will take this information in over the next week and figure out which wheel I will buy since I have enough cash saved up from not buying engagement rings for my non-existent girlfriend, going out to dinner with friends, or purchasing personal hygiene products.”