CHARLOTTE, North Carolina- Knowing that most of their fans only want to talk about how much better the sport of stock car racing used to be, NASCAR has capitalized on the success of their throwback weekend at Darlington by adding a second throwback event that will remind fans of the good old days when drivers suffered grisly deaths on track. “We hear from fans all the time about how they do not watch anymore and compare everything to past years, and we appreciate our fans having a passion for the history of NASCAR, and with that in mind, our second throwback weekend will see car liveries sporting drivers dying in horrific fashion on the track,” said Tom Mason, who was looking through archival photos for extremely gruesome moments lost to time. “Here is one where of a driver was t-boned in the 1960s and did not make it, and this is exactly what fans would love to see. With all the safety measures we have now our customers just do not get to experience the glamour of seeing someone’s life taken in front of their eyes.”

A third throwback weekend floated by Mason would just see every car with a Dale Earnhardt Sr. scheme.