LONG POND, Pennsylvania- Looking to avoid the embarrassment of last year’s lengthy track repairs needed after the crash that saw that Robert Wickens take out a large portion of catch fencing, Pocono track president Brandon Igdalsky has made sure to double the track budget for zip ties and chicken wire for 2019. “Last year was extremely upsetting to all of us at Pocono Raceway in the moments following Robert’s crash and what was even more upsetting was one of our maintenance guys going out to our supply shed and finding only a couple dozen zip ties and a dozen feet of rusty chicken wire that had to be patched together. Immediately following the race I sat down and made the decision to increase our budget appropriately for these items,” said Igdalsky while he wandered around a Lowe’s looking for more zip ties. “There was a point when I considered calling my mom and asking her if we could borrow the fencing she uses to keep rabbits away from her rose bushes, and calling a buddy of mine that works in a grocery store produce department and have him run over some green twisty ties was also an option.”

After being informed by a Lowe’s employee there were no more zip ties in stock, Igdalsky decided he would have to call around to other stores and see what he could find.