INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana- Celebrating an expansion to IndyCar, but still managing expectations after the debacle of the 2019 Indianapolis 500, Zak Brown is confident McLaren’s partnership with SPM will be successful as long as the local Sherwin-Williams has papaya orange in stock. “May of last year did not go the way we wanted, and a lot of that came down to the local ACE not having papaya orange in stock and me thinking it was better to miss the race than have a shade of orange that is not acceptable,” said Brown, who was downloading the Sherwin-Williams app which told him the nearest location had papaya orange in stock. “It says they have four cans right now, and I should probably get over there unless the app is broken. It better not be nectarine orange or sunlight orange.”

Brown refused to comment on what he would do should Sherwin-Williams not have his desired paint in stock but said going to Home Depot or Lowes was not an option.