BRACKLEY, England – Breaking away from the industry norm of promoting their newest title as the “most realistic and immersive racing simulation“, England-based development team “Racing Games Inc” has started promoting their upcoming racing title as: a video game.  “All these idiots who spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their rigs and setups, please,” said development head Michael Nealy, “in the end they are still using a plastic toy wheel and pedal set that may have a metal bits here and there. Wow, so cool, so real.  Let these morons get in a real GT3 car and see what happens.  If turn 1 of any iRacing event is telling, get the insurance claims call center on speed dial.  What we’re putting out is a racing VIDEO. GAME.  For normal people.  It will be fun.  You can use a wheel or a controller and race your favorite real-world race cars against friends or the AI.  It’s pretty neat, but it’s also a video game.”

Rising up from their parent’s basements, a lively group of sim racers have marched on Brackley to protest outside of the Racing Games Inc headquarters.  “We’re Sim Racers! We Cannot Be Stopped! Simcades Must Be Put Down!” chanted eight single, virgins while holding poster boards and picket signs.  Police were not called to disperse the group of losers, but instead a spokesman from Racing Games Inc handed out bags of Doritos and 20oz Mountain Dew bottles to get the group to leave their parking lot.