ELKHART LAKE, Wisconsin – When Richmond Montez, a Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures executive, saw that IMSA called for a rain delay on Saturday evening’s Michelin Pilot Challenge race at Road America, he was clearly upset at the missed cross-promotion opportunity.  “The movie is literally called ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ said Montez in a strongly worded email, “Not ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain if it’s Not Too Bad!  The hell is this?!  When I was producing ‘Driven’ with CART we took every opportunity to relate real world racing to the racing in the movie and because of that, we made Kip Pardue a millionaire and Jimmy Bly a household name!” 

Montez went on to rip into IMSA officials for not allowing a dog to ride along during the race claiming the dog would have been faster than whoever the hell was in the bright pink Mustang.