WATERBURY, Vermont- Scrolling through a daily list of edits that are subject to review, Wikipedia administrator Deb Kyvart noticed one particular edit to IMSA’s Wikipedia that required closer inspection. “The page was edited sometime overnight with the IP address being one we have not seen before which means this is a first time user, and all they seemed to have done was add a section in the IMSA Wikipedia that now includes a section on Twitter fights between drivers. This is a first,” said Kyvart who felt it was too early for this shit. “We see all kinds of stuff but mostly someone edits a celebrity page saying the celebrity died. This new content has citations leading to the original Twitter links so this does meet our standards, but this stuff is just kind of cringey and uncomfortable and seems to happen a lot going by the links. I would assume there will be more additions, and I would advise the user who added them to just request administrator privileges, because I do not want to read through these every time.

Soon after approving the edits, Kyvart noted some of the original links lead back to deleted tweets making the back and forth between drivers that much more ridiculous.