ELKHART LAKE, Wisconsin – Knowing that the rain shortened Michelin Pilot Challenge race was the best race of the year, Scott Atherton was excited to let everyone know that because of the TV deal with NBC Sports no one will ever it. “First, I want to thank the fans that stuck around during the rain delay and ended up being treated to what was by far the most exciting race of the year. Second, I want to tell the competitors and partners no one will end up seeing it because of our TV deal,” said Atherton as he made his way to the podium to break the good news to everyone. “It really was an incredible race. How often do we get to see a driver pass four cars on the last lap to take the win? The changing weather conditions and different strategies kept us all guessing until that last lap which makes it even more surreal that no one will end up seeing any of it.

At press time, IMSA could not confirm when the race would be shown on TV but said it would definitely be a weekday when most people are at work.