MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin- Appearing on local NBC affiliate WTMJ to promote the IMSA Road Race Showcase at Road America, Colin Braun repeated the same old tropes about Road America everyone else does while trying to act like he was not bored about it all. After being asked what he likes most about the track, Braun did his best to fight the urge to go to the restroom and use his belt as a noose. “There are so many things about Road America that I like. That track is just so historic with so many great drivers that have won there before, and every time you race there you can just feel the history, “said Braun, who in that moment wondered why his existence suddenly felt so futile. “Then there is the kink which is a part of the track that is really scary, turn 14 is steep, turn 6 is blind, and Canada corner is also difficult or something. Can I go yet?”

Cutting the interview short, Braun ran to his rental car to avoid being asked about cheese curds and Spotted Cow.