TOPEKA, Kansas- Stopped at a red light on Quincy Street in downtown Topeka, Mustang owner Tom Kendry was confident everyone else at the intersection is jealous of his 2005 Mustang. Knowing how sought after his car is, Kendry kept his cool. “That woman next to me in her Focus ST totally wishing she had a Mustang or a man who drove one. Hold your horses little lady,” said Kendry, as he put is car in neutral to rev the engine even though it was an automatic. “That guy over there in his Murano is so horny right now thinking about a couple hundred ponies going through the rear wheels. Fact of the matter is most drivers now are so used to driving cars with no pedigree they yearn after a car like mine.”

Kendry believed his own bullshit until the light turned green and the woman in her ST beat him to the merge.