By Toto Wolff

Had you tuned in to the 2019 Mercedes-Benz German Grand Prix you would have seen us screw up everything possible and be completely embarrassing, but you would have seen me looking really cool in suspenders.

Remember when we put Lewis on the wrong tires then he came into pit lane and got a penalty? I remember. Did you also know I was looking really great in my suspenders at the time? I do. How about that pit stop where no one knew what was going on and everyone ran around looking for tires? How about my suspenders looking really good? When Bottas crashed he did not look good at all. You know what did look good? Me wearing suspenders. They even tell me and my suspenders were shown on the global feed.

This weekend was to honor 125 years of Mercedes-Benz in motorsport, and there is no one more embarrassed than me about what transpired. There should have been a point where I said we need to focus on the importance of winning and not the importance of public relations and reliving the past. On the other hand I did looking pretty damn fine wearing suspenders.