NEW YORK, New York – Minutes after the teenage winners from the Fortnite World Cup were handed their checks for $3million, many old folk took to the social medias to voice their displeasure that Indycar drivers do not make that much money for winning the Indy 500.  “These kids sit on a couch eat chips and playing vidyagames, but Scott Dixon risks his life!,” said one old man, “Indycar needs to end their penny-pinching and get the drivers what they deserve!  Over 300,000 pack the stands each May!”  This old man did not actually type this into Facebook or Twitter, but typed that all into Google Search.

When asked about the popularity of Fortnite and why Indycar does not have high payouts, Fortnite creator Darren Sugg said, “What the hell is Indycar?” while sitting in a bathtub full of cash.