LOS ANGELES, California – In the middle of Danis Chevrier’s, World Endurance Championship’s Technical Delegate, pitch of WEC’s Equivalence of Technology, a collective “I’m out!” was yelled by all five Sharks. The harsh denial came when Chevrier said, “Our EoT product puts Toyota, Rebellion, and Ginetta LMP1 cars on a level and even playing field.”

Look as this guy, so smug,” said Mark Cuban, “I’ve seen the results and lap times.  2 sometimes 3 seconds off?  And he’s telling us it works?  What world is he living in?!

Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful said, “The WEC is selling a dream. A dream that doesn’t work!  There’s no proof these guys know what they’re doing and now they’re trying to make changes before they even have their original platform straightened out?  I’ll save you some time, you’re a failure, I’m out!”