SCRANTON, Pennsylvania- Sitting at the counter of Terry’s Diner ahead of Sunday’s NASCAR race at Pocono, Air Force pilot Paul Williams talked to the customer next to him saying he is not at all bitter about conducting the pre-race fly over as opposed to being a pilot with the Blue Angels. “The biggest benefit of doing these jobs is all the free time. You get to the airport about an hour before the national anthem, do a flight check, take off when they tell you to, fly past the track, and head home,” said Williams as he took the last couple bites of his ham and cheese omelet. “Those Blue Angels pilots have crazy hours and tons of training. Maybe I chose not to do that, ya know? Some days I sit at home watching their routines on YouTube and wondering what the big deal is. Everyone thinks they are so great doing their stunts and appearing at air shows all over the country and leaving people with memories they will never forget. Next time you go to a race think about how many people I could kill by crashing into the grandstand, and then you will never forget me either.

Taking note of what Williams had said, the attending waitress decided it would probably be best to just skip the race and watch on tv as a precaution.