KANSAS CITY, Kansas- Looking for advice about purchasing a reliable daily driver for commuting back and forth to work that is also cheap to maintain, Grassroots Motorsport forum member, Tim Rily became instantly overwhelmed with other members informing him he should purchase a Miata preferably with a manual transmission. “That does not seem all that realistic, because my commute is 30 miles both ways and sometimes in heavy traffic and telling me I can take out the air conditioning for more horsepower also would not really work for me,” responded Rily to a member going by Marinerblueballs. “The Miata seems like a fine car, but I won’t be needing it for the Tail of the Dragon or going to JDM shows. What I really need is a car with bluetooth and automatic windows. Has anyone ever owned a Hyundai?

Upon posting that he would probably end up just buying a used Civic, Rily was accused of being pussy whipped and told to have fun being a bitch.