CINCINATTI, Ohio- Blaming a marketing intern for the confusion, Procter & Gamble owned diaper brand Pampers was forced to withdraw an offer to sponsor the upcoming Hypercar class of the WEC. David Taylor, Procter & Gamble Chairman and CEO, apologized for the confusion, “At our most recent board meeting, I invited some lowly marketing intern with no experience who told our board of directors the WEC was going forward with a diaper class which sort of sounds the same,” fumed Taylor, who could not believe someone not getting paid for their work would make this mistake but admitted it was kind of funny. “Sure we are all disgusted at the idea of the Pampers brand being brought into disrepute, but you can not deny Pampers sponsoring a series that is usually full of shit would be appropriate.”

Sources close to the WEC said officials were upset about this latest development but were confident they could find a way to rhyme the upcoming Hypercar class with Huggies.