DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – In an effort to take out personal biases and ambiguity from the race control booth, IMSA has been developing Robo-Race Director, code named RoBeaux Barfield,  a 40-foot tall race directing robot that is flushed with the latest cloud technology and AI algorithms in an effort to make their brand of racing as close to perfect as possible.  At the 5 minute mark of the first test session, the average time when the first full course caution is called during a Michelin Pilot Challenge race, all hell broke loose as the RoBeaux Barfield picked up the safety car and started destroying everything in its path.

It was a good first step for our series and the always controversial race director role,” said IMSA President Scott Atherton, “Granted we have hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages due to this testing blip, but fail fast forward, that’s our motto.