PEORIA, Illinois- Looking over different options for a set of new tires for his 2015 Honda Accord, area man Kyle Borik is no longer sure that ordering tires from Tire Rack is as great as he was led to believe by a coworker. After checking some local places only a couple minutes from his home, Borik wondered what the benefit was to ordering online. “Someone at work told me about this Tire Rack site and how he never buys tires from anywhere local anymore claiming they are just out for your money and do not understand the performance driver. I looked on the Tire Rack site, and it seems unnecessarily complicated for something that should only take a couple hours at the Goodyear place down the street. Fact of the matter is I do not know care much about this stuff anyway,” said Borik, who wanted a basic set of tires for the usual day to day drudgery. “Let me get this straight. You have to order the tires, wait for them to be delivered, then find a place to put them on that still charges the same installation fee as everywhere else. Is there something I am missing?”

Returning to work on Monday, Borik told his coworker he just went with a local place out of convenience and was then derided for knowing nothing about cars and missing out on all the free stickers Tire Rack sends you with every purchase over $1000.