DAYTONA BEACH, Florida- Aggravated by months of criticism aimed at himself and IMSA in regards to BoP adjustments, Scott Atherton lashed out at GT teams in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship paddock and gave them a simple alternative to coming to Lime Rock or any race remaining on the 2019 schedule. “No one is making them stay here. If everything in IMSA is so bad, feel free to go back to where you came from. IMSA is a great series with great people, and these teams bring their foul mouthed opinions about what to do. Many teams like it here,” said Atherton before adjusting his IMSA lapel pin that he wears with overwhelming pride. “IMSA has never been greater than it is now. Fan interest is at an all time high, we have a new partner in NBC, and all key demographic metrics are up. There are plenty of corrupt and dysfunctional series with no regard to balance of performance that let teams run wild. This is what they want IMSA to become and this can not go unchallenged!”

Upon hearing Atherton’s remarks, Corvette fans were excited at the prospect of their team actually winning a race this year.