KRAKOW, Poland- Finishing behind his teammate again on Sunday at Silverstone, Robert Kubica expressed his frustration about his season so far and wondered how much worse can it get before Williams finally fires him. “I am not sure how low their bar is at this point, because to me this is going even worse than expected. It was pretty obvious that there were going to be some major obstacles along the way due to being out of the sport for so long, but now it is just getting ridiculous,” said Kubica, adding that Claire Williams keeps staying positive about his potential. “I saw her Sunday morning, and she insisted on talking me up on the grid to anyone that would listen, and she even came over and patted me on the back to wish me good luck. My hope was she was going to tell me go home, but it was not to be.”

Noting that his contract does not allow for him to walk away on his own, Kubica said he contemplated punching George Russell in a team meeting prior to qualifying on Saturday forcing Williams to let him go.