ANCARANO, Italy – Over 400,000 Daytona Protoype enthusiasts have created an event to be held on September 20th where they will “raid the Picchio factory to ‘see them race cars‘.  Organized by an anonymous Grand Am Racing fan, the Picchio DP2 has taken on a cult classic-like fandom, with many also claiming Picchio designed the basis for the Daytona Prototype International spec car, but images or documents have never been shown to the public.  “Picchio is hiding that DPi, man, but why? But why?“, said one commenter, “You think the FIA/ACO going with Hypercar and not DPi is just because the French are weird?  Nah man, there’s something here and we’re going to find out.  They can’t stop us all, we’re gonna see them race cars.”