FONTANA, California- Suiting up to hit the track, Nathan Smith says he likes nothing more than the pure racing of go-karts and reminding everyone on a consistent basis that he once beat a 10-year-old Alexander Rossi. As he took a couple minutes to speak with a competitor new to the track, Smith offered some friendly tips and boasted about beating the 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner. “This is the purest form of racing where the talent rises to the top, and Rossi came in right away and was really fast and competitive. Before you knew it he was dominating races, and everyone was saying he could not be beat, but he had not been on track with me yet,” said Smith, who made sure the trophy from that race was prominently displayed at the back of his double wide trailer. “The end result was he finished third, and I finished second. He was not mentally tough enough and did not have that killer instinct. After the race, everyone wondered why someone with talent like mine was not in Formula 1 yet, and I told them there was no reason to give up my job at the bank for that. Who is to say where Rossi would be now had he never been pushed to the limit that day in 2001?”

With race time approaching, Smith cut his story short before he could talk about beating an 8-year-old Colton Herta and claiming he once met Lewis Hamilton and advised him he should sign with Mercedes.