SILVERSTONE, England- While discussing the loss of title sponsor Rich Energy, Haas team principal Guenther Steiner explained the team’s position on the matter. “You believe these f#$@ taking to social media and shitting on us? The f&$£ is this?,” said Steiner, who paused to glare at an empty chair that seemed to bother him for some reason. “Let me tell you something about these f%^£%g low rent Red Bull impersonators. Bitch Energy. That’s what. Rich Energy is now known as f%π®g Bitch Energy. God damn slug grifters. That f%$@g antelope looking shit on their cans was lazy as f$@# anyway. Bye bitch.”

After his remarks, Steiner walked over to the empty chair and asked what its problem was before kicking it over and walking away.