FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida- Looking to expand into new demographics, La Croix CEO Nick Caporella unveiled a Corvette Racing limited edition of the popular seltzer water that will just be a can of tears. “I have been proud to oversee the La Croix brand achieve great year over year growth for the last decade, and as La Croix continues to grow we have decided that teaming with Corvette Racing was the next best move,” said Caporella, who was sipping from a can of pamplemousse. “In line with the Corvette brand and their fans this new flavor will be a can of delicious tears that our product development team decided on after weeks of Corvette fan posts on the internet about BoP and the upcoming mid engine machine.

Not only should Corvette fans find the can of tears crisp and refreshing but the the collectible cans will feature the Jake logo replaced with the crying Jordan meme.”

In response to Caporella’s announcement, competitor IZZE claimed they are close to releasing a BMW GTLM themed water that will be in a bottle way too large for practical use but still only offer the same amount of water as a standard bottle.