FAIR OAKS, Indiana – A spy video recorded at the Nation’s largest Driver Farm has shown abuse to many of the drivers currently being raised at the farm.  “The drivers are not free range at all,” said the videographer, who wished to remain anonymous, “It’s truly poor conditions.  I saw a kart racer thrown to the ground and dragged when he couldn’t hit his shifting points on the shifter kart track.  There were four spec miata racers stuffed in a cage that could barely fit one spec miata driver and who knows how long they had been in there or the last time they were able to read the latest issue of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.”  

The video has taken off since it was released last week with over 2 million views with backlash also taking affect with openwheel ladder series team owners cancelling their orders on over 1,000 drivers.  You can view the video here, but be warned as many images may be disturbing.