SHEBOYGAN, Wisconsin- Finding that the IMSA race from Canadian Tire Motorsport Park had been displaced by an infomercial of Emeril Lagasse selling an air fryer, local man Todd Musk’s anger turned to acceptance after seeing Lagasse make a delicious and guilt free bread pudding. “It really is unacceptable that IMSA did not get this sorted out better, because I was looking forward to this race all week, but Emeril does make a hell of a bread pudding,” said Musk, who was strongly considering ordering the air fryer Lagasse was selling. “Bread pudding has always seemed like too much work, but Emeril made it look effortless. Just a couple ingredients and the air fryer did the rest. The best part is air frying is a lot less calories, and the bread stays nice and moist. Bam!”

Admitting that he probably would only end up making bread pudding a couple times, Musk told his wife that making onion rings and spaghetti pie would make the air fryer purchase worthwhile.