TACOMA, Washington- Fuming over the lack of television coverage on NBCSN for the Sahlen’s Six Hours of The Glen, local man Greg Peabody hopes IMSA gets their act together soon and starts sending someone to his house to put the race on for him. “People are telling me that having a cable package with NBCSN allows me to watch on the NBCSN app with no commercials and how great it was. I call bullshit. Why should I have to take 30 seconds of my day to do that?”, said an enraged Peabody, who was busy rewinding his VCR to see if anything from the race recorded. “My TV Guide said the race was on later in the day, and when I put it on, NASCAR was on. There is no excuse for IMSA being this lazy, and if IMSA does not get someone over here in time for Mosport, I vow to keep complaining about something I can easily fix on my own. This is just awful.”

Once he had finished his pointless rant, Peabody wondered out loud when someone would be over to change his diaper and give him a bath.