ELKHART LAKE, Wisconsin- Expecting more from the support series Blue Marble Cocktails Radical Cup this past weekend at Road America, local man Roger Leeway and his son were left unimpressed. As a support race on Saturday and Sunday, Leeway was really looking forward to seeing something radical, “The word is in the series name, but it turns out that is the name of the company that builds them and not the racing itself which was disappointing.” Leeway’s son Mitchell was also left underwhelmed. “When you think radical, you think of stuff that is not the norm, but the cars looked sort of ugly, and they didn’t race all that great either. I think someone said there were three crashes during the pace lap. Maybe they mean radical ironically?

Both men said that should the Radical Cup accompany IndyCar next year they would use the time to hit the bathrooms or take a nap.