SONOMA, California- Signing off from his final appearance as a NASCAR commentator, Darrell Waltrip expressed his sadness that Darrel Waltrip will no longer be a part of NASCAR’s television broadcasts. As Sunday’s race from Sonoma came to a close Waltrip took time to address viewers at home, “After almost 20 years in the booth, I have really learned to enjoy Darrell’s insight and catchphrases. Fans have become accustomed to knowing Darrell would always be there on Sunday and looking forward to his signature call when the green flag flew. Boogity boogity boogity!” Waltrip collected his thoughts and continued after wiping a tear from his eye, “There is no question people will wish Darrell could be around for another two decades to talk about how it was in his day and be passive aggressive toward Jeff Gordon. It is a really shame Darrell is moving on.”

Asked whether he had any thoughts on Waltrip’s legacy, Jeff Gordon just stood off to the side and acted like he wanted to be there.