DAYTONA BEACH, Florida- Looking to Driven and CART as an example of how a major motion picture can benefit a racing series, Scott Atherton is bullish IMSA will see the same returns from The Art of Racing in the Rain. No one can deny what that movie did for CART. Even to this day people talk about the chase scene through Chicago and picking up coins with hot tires. There is no doubt it has a lasting legacy,” said Atherton, who was seated at desk that included an autographed Kip Pardue photo. “The Art of Racing in the Rain was not only a hugely successful book but is already gaining real momentum as the release date approaches, and I am extremely confident IMSA will become synonymous with it for years to come.

Asked what involvement he had with 20th Century Fox in putting the partnership together, Atherton hinted it was his idea that the dog be the one who races the cars.