SANDY SPRINGS, Georgia – Professional out-of-work driver Dennis McClain has been looking for a full-time seat for nearly two seasons now, but that doesn’t mean he just sits there just moping around.  McClain takes every opportunity to remind every passer-by he encounters that drivers are athletes too.  “I don’t get it,” said one person who wished to remain anonymous, “we were just chatting in the line of this Starbucks here and he just whipped out his phone to show me pictures of himself on a road bike and started sobbing saying, ‘See! Drivers are athletes too!’

After a quick check through McClain’s tweets, the Lugg Nutt Investigative Team also found the driver interjects himself into conversations about NFL players, NBA players, and even fitness models to remind others about race car drivers being athletes.  It has also been reported that McClain constantly yells at his TV while watching SportsCenter highlights.