WASHINGTON, D.C.- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said today that the idea of reparations for anyone that has attended any FIA WEC races at COTA or Sebring is ridiculous and not even worthy of discussion. Addressing the media outside his office, McConnell was asked why he thought reparations for people who had attended a WEC race was not something he would consider. “We can not go back three years and determine who should receive compensation and who should not, because it is not responsible. Trying to make amends for the sins of ACO is not something government should be involved in, and then you have to get into who really paid for a ticket, who did not, and were children admitted for free with an adult or not.”

McConnell ended his remarks by reminding reporters his stance on reparations has been consistent going back to those guys who bought cars for competing in Ultimate Racing Championships.