DEARBORN, Michigan – Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, is furious with the disqualification of the GTE-Am class-winning Ford GT from last weekend’s Le Mans 24 Hours event.  So furious in fact, that the great-grandson of Henry Ford started sending hate mail to IMSA driver James French, mistakenly thinking the Sheboygan native was French, and therefore worked for the ACO.

One letter read:

“Listen here you little Eurotrash fart sniffer.  We know what you and your organization are up to. Just because we didn’t buy into your hypercar bullshit and are pulling the plug on our GT program, you can’t just hand one of your customers the win and think you’ll get away with it.  I can buy and sell your sorry ass, then trade you back you stale croissant.  I will poison your crepes and watch you suffer and die will holding the antidote inches from your baguette-lookin fingers.  I will stuff you in an oven and burn you like a brioche you tarte-lickin quiche.  I’m going to run you over with a Citroen.


Bill Ford